David Guerreiro Web Developer



The aim of this website was to provide an online platform where clients could order a fully customize mobile phone. Options included the possibility to choose the number of buttons, colour, text and number called by every single button and many more.

I was in charge to develop a system to sort the phones displayed on the selection page. The phones displayed should change depending on the options chosen by the user during the purchase and process, so if the user selects a twelve buttons mobile phone, only the models which contains twelve buttons should be displayed. The changes should also happen when the user changes the option straight away.

I wrote a JavaScript function to get all the changes made by user in the options form and, with AJAX, I updated the data I wanted to display on the screen. They given me a flat template and I only have to develop all the logic to make this work. Even if my contribution to ownfone was quite modest, I had the opportunity to work with code written by others and also I learned a lot about how to use AJAX with JQuery and JQuery.

In short

  • I developed a system which changes the data displayed on the screen depending of the options chosen by the user.

  • All the changes were made on live, so I had to write the code with JS and I updated the data with AJAX

  • Working in this project I got used to work with code written by others